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Labor Rates

We reserve the right to refuse to work on any bike for any reason. Tune up $55.00. Drive train removed, cleaned, lubed, adjusted, wheels removed and trued, brakes adjusted, all bearings adjusted and frame cleaned. Parts extra. No labor charge for the installation of tires, tubes, derailleurs, cables, brakes, or stems with a tune up.

Overhaul, $95. The bicycle is completely disassembled, cleaned, lubed and adjusted. The frame and derailleur hanger are checked for alignment. All bearings repacked. Parts extra. No labor charge for the installation of any parts with a overhaul.

Extra charges may apply for extremely dirty bicycles!

Service Charges

Headset installed – $15.00

Bottom Bracket installed - $12.50

V-Brakes, Cantilever installed - $7.50 one wheel, $12.50 a pair.

Rear Derailleur (includes checking drop out hanger for alignment) - $7.50

Front derailleur - $7.50

Install a tire or tube – $5.00

Install a chain - $5.00

Wheel true/spoke replaced - $5 to $15

Disc Brake tabs faced - $10

Disc brakes installed – $10.00 one wheel, $15.00 a pair.

Bottom Bracket faced and Tapped - $15

Head tube faced and reamed - $15

Derailleur hanger straightened - $10

Racks, cycle computers,- $5

Fenders $15.00

The following services are included in the purchase price of any frame:

• Frame checked for alignment

• All threads chased

• Bottom bracket faced

• Head tube faced and reamed

• Derailleur hanger checked for alignment

• Disc brake mounts faced

• Steel frames are rust proofed with Frame Saver rust inhibitor

• Seat tube reamed and flex honed

• Headset installed (Headset not included)

• Fork installed (Fork not included with some frames – ask)

Wheel building labor charges are $30..00 a wheel. Certain hub rim comboinations will be more. Ask Spoke pricing per spoke. Weight listed for 32 spokes, 260 mm length. 32 brass nipples, 30 grams.

• 14 or 15 straight gauge stainless steel spokes, silver, .40 ea, 213/190 grams

• 14 or 15 straight gauge stainless steel spokes, black, .85 ea, 213/190 grams.

• 14/15 double-butted stainless steel spokes, silver, .70 ea, 185 grams.

• 14/15 double-butted stainless steel spokes, black, 1.05 ea, 185 grams.

• 14/15 single-butted stainless steel spokes, silver, .70 ea, 175 grams

• 14/15 single-butted stainless steel spokes, black, 1.05 ea, 175 grams

• 14/17 DT Revolution spokes, silver, 1.15 ea, 137 grams

• 14/17 DT Revolution spokes, black, $1.55 ea, 137 grams

• Aerolite bladed spokes, 140 grams, 3.50 ea.

• Aerolite bladed spokes, black, 140 grams, 3.65 ea.

• DT Pro-Lock nipples (Cold forged, injected with Loctite) .30 each.

• All wheels will be built with a 3 cross lacing unless otherwise requested.

• All wheels are trued to .003 of an inch or the manufacturer’s tolerances, whichever is greater.

• All wheels are tensioned to 1100 n

• I will not build with alloy nipples - no exceptions!

• I will not build a wheel with radial lacing unless the manufacturer rates the hub for radial lacing.


So you’re looking to buy some stuff from us. Good for you. Don’t bother looking for prices on our website or a catalog, and don’t ask us to ship stuff to you because we don’t do that. I believe the most important component of your bike is the relationship you develop with a bike shop.

Marin Bikes was established in 1986 in San Anselmo, California and celebrates its 24th anniversary this year. Marin's employees continue to ride the same trails and experience the same emotions that gave birth to the sport of mountain biking when it first began. Marin's products include bikes, bike accessories and clothing, and are distributed by independent bicycle dealerships throughout the United States and 46 other countries.

Surly bikes has been making a working mans steel bikes since 1998. Steel rides like nothing else (when was the last time you saw a spring made of aluminum?), takes a lot of crap, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Then take some good ideas,some good ideas, like semi-horizontal dropouts with a derailleur hanger, our FFF stays so you can run big, fat tires (even with fenders), and Gnot-Rite rear spacing that takes mountain and road hubs. And, to make assembly as easy as possible, this frame features long-popular measurements for things like the front derailleur clamp and seatpost. What does all this mean to you? Options, kid, that's what. Get yer freak on. Gears? Great. Single-speed? No sweat. Commuter? Touring bike? Grocery getter? Bring it on. Or build it as a bonafide ’cross bike and race it. It likes it.

Best of all, it’s actually affordable

And then there is Niner bikes Sometimes riding is believing. No matter what we say to you here, we challenge you to go test ride a Niner at Oneota River Cyles (the only authorized test ride store in the states of Iowa Minnesota and Wisconsin) and see for yourself. Talk to a Niner owner and we guarantee that the owner’s response will be more information than you asked for. Life changing? Maybe. We’ve heard it before

Giro helmets and gear.